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Letters From Customers

Dear Jill,

It was a treat visiting with you & your critters! Peaches has settled in nicely. Though she was cautious about the dinner menu the first night, her appetite returned to normal by Sunday (she really liked the ferret chow). I gave her a choice of hidy-holes and she favors a 7" square box with a 'mouse-hole'. I see her little face peering out, sometimes in daylight; she is some relaxed hog! If you haven't found it already, the home page for the Welsh Hedgehog Hospital is www.whh.org. I found it by doing a general search under "hedgehog". You'll get a kick out of the photo-page. Thanks again for the great little pet,

Elaine Hartman


I just wanted to let you know that our little girl is doing great, she loves her new house and all her new friends. Thank you so much for all your help and for such a great little critter...=)


Jill Hello,

I just wanted to thank you for lending an ear and helping me out with Pandora. I rushed her to a vet and he put her on some medication. We don't know what is wrong with her because the doctor wanted to cover the small things and then look for the bigger problems. Since that morning she has been great. She has been warm, active, and so sweet. She has been eating and I believe going to the bathroom more regularly. The vet commented on how wonderful she behaves with me, and said that it reflected the breeder. How true, she has a wonderful temperament and is so tolerant of me. She lets me give her meds by syringe in her mouth, while lying on her back. She is so wonderful, I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to give me love and time to such an amazing animal. Thank you again I'll be in touch.

Sincerely, Laurie Seitz

Hi Jill,

We were watching Animal Planet today and we saw you with your hedgehogs. We were so excited! It was short but cute! Hope you had a nice Christmas. The hedgehog is named Prickles and is now eating very well and drinking out of her bottle. We ordered the book from Amazon.com and expect it tomorrow. Everything appears to be going well and we are really enjoying her. Take care and keep in touch.

The Isaksens

Dear Jill:

I know my daughter has emailed you about the baby we got from you, but I have to tell you what a little darling she really is. Since everyone we know is totally amazed by her on how gentle she is and how awfully cute too. So I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for our beautiful baby.


Hi Jill,

I thought you might like to know that the baby made it home OK and seems to be doing well. She is still a little skittish and puts her quills up occasionally, but calms down and goes exploring after a very short time. We gave her an official name of Priscilla Prickles, but we call her Sweet P.
I was able to get the food at the pet shop. Thanks for the tip. She is eating and drinking. Her favorite food seems to be the ferret food at this point. The moist food does not interest her at this point, though. Overnight, she rearranged the dishes and the gift bag in her cage, so I guess she is making a home out of it. We wrapped a watch that made a ticking sound in a piece of cloth with some of her Mom's cage litter. The ticking sound seemed to calm her down. She has been cuddling up to the "ticking ball" since Saturday night.
Thank you very much for this little gift. She is already a part of the family.

Lynn Sickler

Hi Jill,

I just wanted to let you know we named our hedgie "Dollie" and he is doing awesome. He seems very happy, content and busy. The first day I didn't see him eat or drink and was concerned so I became a lot more vigilant but he's eating and drinking fine now. He drinks from the water dispenser fine. I am trying to get him used to be awake during the day as I have read but I really don't have time to hold and entertain him all day and as soon as he snuggles into your armpit or if he finds something to snuggle into he goes to sleep. Oh well he is still soooo cute. Thanks again for everything.

"Dollie" says hi.




Well Sage more than survived the trip home... she spent most of it snuffling around the box and poking her nose out the holes to snuff some more. She finally got bored and took a little nap. When we got her home it took her all of 1 second to unroll and start motoring around.. Held her for a little while and then put her in to adjust to her new cage. She wandered over to the food dish and had a little snack. Obviously still very traumatized! NOT. Heard her flipping food bowl around and checked her once during night and found her up on shelf surveying her new domain. Held her this am and wow what a little busybody... Motoring around snuffling and making a little chirp/purr sound sort of like a guinea pig but softer... kinda like under her breath. I had read about them just erecting the spines on their forehead. she does this for a split second... gives her a quizzical look sort of like a raised eyebrow.. very endearing. She is definitely a sweetie and obviously a testament to how well you socialize them. I had expected her to be much shyer. Well I won't ramble too much. Just wanted to thank you again and let you know how much we enjoyed meeting you.




My name is Leslie Murphy, I purchased a baby hedgehog from you in April. I just wanted to send you a little note saying how pleased I am with him. He is now about four months old and I absolutely love him. He is a doll, and quite possibly the most handsome hedgehog to ever live! So I know what a tough time you had throughout the winter with the unfortunate breeding, but my little "Hennessy," is a happy, healthy, pog! so thank you and good luck! I have a feeling in a few years I will be looking you up to get myself another baby hedgie!!!

Leslie Murphy


just wanted to let you know how happy my daughter is with her new hedgehog. Thanks for calling us. Natalie has named her "Tawnie" which means "little one" in swahili, (she looked it up in a baby naming book)

David Vergara


Our new family member (our little girl) is doing very well. We named her Heggie. She had a grand time exploring her new digs (a spacious dwarf rabbit cage), ate some food, found and drank from her water bottle, tipped her (handmade tissue box) cave over (... and over, and over). She didn't seem at all bothered by the thunder-boomer last night. In fact, she seemed to have had a ball! Everything in her home, with the exception of her food dish was rearranged this morning when we went to check on her! Needless to say, we're in love already!
Thanks for setting us up with this adorable (and mischievous) new family member.

Alex & Joan



My name is Zach Yanowitz. Our family purchased a hedgehog from you in October. Her name is Harainezumi, Japanese for hedgehog, or Zumi for short. By the way, when we called you asking about the noise, it was just her wheel. She has been a big part of our life, and we love her very much.
I think you might have possibly sold us the most beautiful hedgehog on earth.

Thanks so much

The Yanowitz/ Role family


Hi Jill,

I am delighted with "Simon." He has adjusted to his new home with us and is just as curious as he was when I first saw him on Saturday at your home. He's crawling around, continues to be socialized and seems to really like meeting new people. He loves the Science diet food, but hasn't warmed up to the crickets or the little bit of ferret food. I am so happy with him! Simon is just what I hoped for. Thanks so much for all of your information and help.

Paula Kosior



Since we finaly got a digital camera, I wanted to drop you a quick line to
let you know that "Wicket" is adjusting to his new home fine. It took him a
couple of days to get used to us and his new surroundings, but I think he
has become quite comfortable in his new home. I am attaching a few
pictures - as you can see, he's grown pretty quickly.

Thanks again for breading such a wonderful hog.

All the best,

Frank, Gayle and Wicket


Hi Jill,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the hedgehog information. Our new baby is doing great. My daughter named him Harry. He is still exploring his cage and has found several nooks he likes to hide out in. He loves his wheel and was happily still traveling at 12:30 last night when I went to bed. He is eating and drinking and seems to enjoy being held. He keeps getting under my shirt to go down my sleeve! We are all enjoying him and he seems content so far.



Hi, Jill,

Sonic/Scooter/Pablo seems to be doing well. I did put a wheel in his cage and find a little poop on it each morning. We have also been letting him roam freely in a "safe room" for a couple of hours in the evening after we have played with him and fed him treats (chicken, live crickets). He didn't know what exactly to do with the live crickets at first--but, he knew he was supposed to do something! The first time he was exposed to them, he got all excited and sniffing and snuffling and lunging at them, but no results. So, we stunned them for him and he gobbled them right up. The next time, we shut him up with three of them in a closed box, heard a scuffle, opened the box and our baby was still chewing, looking very satisfied. He is so adorable and we enjoy being with him and watching him so much. He now calms down almost immediately when in my hands and is quite easy to handle.
We love him!



Dear Jill,

I am sorry I have not been able to e-mail you sooner but I just wanted to tell you that I am enjoying my hedgehog so much. I named her Chloe and she has grown so much in the past three weeks. She seems to have a more full set of quills but has also seemed to lose millions all around the house. I already gave her a bath since she rolled over in the poop, and she didn't seem to mind the bath at all. She is so sweet and is always in a good mood if I wake her up in the middle of the day but is more grumpy in the evening. She is a great pet and I am glad I finally got a hedgehog.

Thank you for Chloe my new little angel.

Katherine Valles


Hi Jill,

Anastasia and I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Quilbur is doing great and we are really enjoying him! He seems to have lost most of his baby quills and had gotten a lot bigger. He loves the exercise wheel & is eating and drinking lots. As of a couple of weeks ago he does not seem to poop as much (which I hope is normal) which makes bringing him out of his cage much easier. Thanks so much for all of your help and advice - he is a really terrific pet.

Alice & Anastasia


Hi Jill,

I will send photos as soon as I can take some (probably later on tonight). His cage is ginormous! And, front row and center in our living room. I had to do some furniture shuffling, but in the end, it worked out great! Last night we put the bars up (like how I explained) but the pan is so deep we'll probably take them down because he can't even reach! I startled awake several times during the night thinking of him, and if he was safe. We rushed downstairs this morning at 6:30 a.m. to check on him. He was chillin' in his wheel (mounted on the side). Then he flexed his little hoglet muscles and showed us how fast he can go. Then we took him out for a little supervised exploration on the floor and a photo op with Daniella's cell phone (she wanted to show her friends at school proof). Right now he has burrowed under the litter in a corner and is scratching around a bit. Thank you for the wonderful pet! We are in love and are looking forward to our future fun filled years!



Hi Jill,

I just wanted to thank you again for my little boy! Turns out the little explorer is quite the cuddle bug too, he's been curled up sleeping on my chest for the past couple hours! I think he and the cat will get along just fine too :)

Take care,


Hi Jill,

OMG, Sprigs was so cute last night. He has stopped trying to get away 100% of the time. He is now down to trying to escape 5% of the time.

We went one day without holding him. So, last night at 10:00 we got him out of his cage and I knew he would be hungry because he hadn't been out of hisß bed the whole day. So, after he peed and pooped on me, I brought out his food dish and plopped it on me. We watched him eat. Then we brought out his water bottle and we watched him drink. He did this for about 1/2 hour. Then, he sat and chilled for about another 1/2 hour. I fell asleep and he did too! All in all, he was out being "social" for about 1 1/2 hours. Not bad for a little guy!

It's too funny though. Since Daniella is still kind of scared of getting spiked, it's mainly me who does all of the handling. So, he does not even care much about my hands coming near him. But, should Daniella lurk too close, his little quills stand straight up, or if she accidentally breathes on him, same thing. Or, if she even moves a little too quickly. Or, if she tries to put her hand over by him. She's a little offended, but not really! We just can't stop laughing!

And, his sense of smell is so good! He puts his little nose right up in the air and you can see him sniffing! I offered him a fresh dried cranberry (ripped open a little so the flesh was exposed) and he took it from my fingers with his little mouth, but then he didn't do anything with it. I really need to go to the pet store and get some crickets.

Thanks for such a wonderful pet!

Be well,



Hi Jill,
I just wanted to thank you for your prompt reply. Polly is doing very well. She's eating plenty now and is ridiculously playful. She was the perfect match for us! Your loving care is so evident in how relaxed she is with us, even if we wake her up during the day. Incidentally, I clipped her nails for the first time today and she was so good! Thanks again!
-Erika Graham


Hey Jill,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to tell you after a long debate, Jim and I have decided to name our hedgie (salt and pepper male) Ernie. We love him and are so excited to have him.

Thanks again,
Ashley Griggs


Hi Jill,

Thank you so much. He is wonderful, we decided to name him Tucker since he likes to curl up and sleep on us. He's taken so well to his new home, he ate and drank water the first night and even played for a little bit. Thank you so much for our new addition, we are very excited to have him! :)



Hello Jill,
Just wanted to let you know that "Wubbie" is home safe and sound and, as I type this, is exploring her new habitat. Thank you for letting us adopt her. :)



Dear Jill,
Toshiro is doing great in her new home! The wheel, to our surprise, fit with inches to spare, and she goes on her wheel if she thinks no one is watching. She's been drinking and eating regularly. She likes to sleep in the shelter that we put in her habitat, and we are buying some extra toys for her today. I want to thank you so much for her, because she is the cutest most amazing pet I have ever seen in my life! Thanks a million times over,
May T


Jill here is a picture of Lola CC Parlman on Easter! She loves her new home she has already started to run on her wheel. And she sleeps in her hut on the bottom floor every morning. She is starting to wake up at 3:45 when I come back from school so I take her out to play and she runs around! Thank you so much for Lola


Hi Jill:

I just wanted to let you know that Rosie made the trip to New Jersey just fine. When we got home she ran around on our living room floor for a bit before exploring her new home that my husband and the kids made for her.

I couldn't bear the thought of putting my new little girl in the basement for the night so we have her box in the upstairs bathroom for now. We have a space heather in there too so it's nice and toasty warm for her. She was up Saturday night exercising on her wheel. She only ate a little bit Saturday night but she did eat and drink something.

Rosie was a little bit more calm last night. At our kids bedtime (usually starts around 7:00 PM) we put the light out in our bedroom and let her play on our bed. Instead of running around exploring like she did Saturday night she was much calmer and would stay in one spot for a few minutes. She also slept in the hedgie bag that my husband made for her. This morning I woke up to find her food dish empty and quite a bit of water gone from her bottle.

She really started dropping quills yesterday. I suspect that she might be a little uncomfortable from the quilling process because she is quite huffy when I go to pick her up. She almost immediately calms down once she hears my voice though.
Clearly she is also a good luck charm! Not only did the Giants win but I won the pot for the pool that I entered through work!
I'll send some cute pics of her with my kids once I figure out how to download them from my camera.
Thanks so much for everything. You really made the hedgie adoption process very easy!



Hi Jill,

Just wanted to let you know that the hedgie is settling in nicely. We enjoy taking her out to crawl around, then she seems to get sleepy. I think she is still getting used to everything. I crushed some of the cat food today and we saw her eat that, so we crushed all that is in her dish. She's peeing and pooping, so I guess she is getting her substance needs met :) We all adore her but haven't decided on a name yet - it's between Brillo and Cucumber. I think we're going to put the names in a hat and draw one because we just can't come to agreement. ;).

Anyway, thanks again.



Hey Jill!

Just wanted to say Ellie is fitting right in at her new home! She even met the cat and they both seem to not care about the other.
Thanks again for everything.



Hello! Just thought I would send you an email with some photos of our hedgehog. We named her Mochi and she is such a sweetheart! She loves to snuggle up in our hands and just snooze! She's very adventurous and likes to crawl around and explore everything. She's got a big appetite and loves to run on her wheel forever and sometimes she tries to play tug of war with our clothing, but her favorite thing is just curling up in our hands and napping while we watch tv or hang around! We love her very much!

Thank you Jill!!


Hi Jill:

I just wanted to give you a little update on Rosie. She is doing great. She adores our 7 year old daughter, Emmy. Emmy says that she is Rosie's Little Mama and I am her Big Mama.

Rosie has gotten so much bigger. Really she just seems longer to us. She is not chubby at all. She is very happy in her cage at night. Our daughter goes to get her each morning. Sometimes she'll sleep all day in our bed (between 2 pillows, she never moves from there) but most days she is in her cage for the day. At night she "watches" tv with us before going back to her cage so she can run & play all night.

Rosie is the perfect pet for us. We are very happy to have her as part of our family!


Hi Jill,

Just letting you know that squee is doing great. He likes his igloo and snuggling up with the fleece inside. He's been going to the bathroom and my dad saw him eating early this morning. He's very social and let's everyone hold him while he crawls around on them. I'm so happy to have him as a pet and thank you for such a wonderful job raising him.

Thanks, Taryn



I figured I should give you an update on how the tiniest member of our house is doing! I stuck with the name Amelia Rose (the Grand Duchess of Teaticket), which fits her perfectly; she is the royal of the house and she knows it. Overall, she is doing fabulously; she is a little socialite debutante who loves meeting new people (and she of course immediately charms them; I think everyone in my program loves her!) I don't think there is a shy bone in her body. She is also the snuggliest hedgehog I've ever heard of; she loves napping in my sweatshirt pockets, or making a nest on my shoulder / in my hair when I'm reading. She is also quite the little interior decorator; anything I add to her exploratorium--like a whole bunch of beanie babies--she immediately starts dragging around to new places. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have Amelia Rose come live with me; she is such a joy to have!



Hi Jill.

Our ride home was just fine. I kept the heat on and she slept under the fleece. We named her Fiona. She likes her new home. She investigated everything. She found her food, her water (both the bowl and the bottle) her toys and her sleeping bag. I was going to set up a box for her to hide in, but she seems to really like the sleeping bag. She burrowed inside (its also made of fleece) and went to sleep. The temp in her cage is 80 degrees.

I let her sleep all day and recently got her up to play for a little while. I brought her into my room and kept the dogs down the hall. I had my husband come and hold her and then my son. She was such a good girl. We played for about 30 minutes and she seemed to get tired so I put her back in her cage. She immediately crawled right back into her sleeping bag.

She is so friendly. We love her.

Talk to you soon.



Hi Jill,

This is Meg Alvarez and Joey Lang! We picked up our little guy SPIKE a couple of weeks ago! I wanted to touch base to let you know that he is doing WONDERFUL and has adjusted to his new home well! I spend the whole day staring at his picture on my computer screensaver waiting to get home to him (even though he sleeps all day :)

He is eating and drinking with no problems and definitely has NO issue pooping :) We just love him so much! At first he was a little scared of us but he has warmed up a bit and doesn't ball up when i go to pick him up! Thank you for raising such a wonderful pet.

I did want to ask you what your opinion was on an infrared light bulb to keep him warm. What wattage do you usually get? The cage he is in is rather large (around 8ft.) I'm assuming i should get a certain watt bulb to make sure he is warm. Also, When should i bathe him?? Should i wait/leave him be or just wipe off his little feet with a wash cloth?? I know that he will probably start quilling soon and that it is somewhat painful for them should i bathe him after that's all done??

Thank you again and i have attached a couple of pictures of Spike!


Meg and Joe


Hi Jill!

I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for my handsome hedgehog, Hogwarts! He is such a doll and, while he gets a bit chuffy with new people, he loves to nuzzle and chirp. I'm attaching a couple photos for you, so you can see how well he is doing. :)

He also gets into the holiday spirit as well! He was a vampire for Halloween (those teeth!) and, while the moments are relatively brief, he looks adorable.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again!